The first FLAX and BIOCHAR based FERTILIZER brand in the world!


Our patent-pending products have been crafted during 10 years of research and development - on four continents. This journey has taken us from the Rocky Mountains, to Irish peat-lands, to Ethiopian highlands, to the rain-forests of Central America and the teak forests of Thailand. We are always looking for inspiration from the natural world and the people closest to it.

From these diverse experiences, we learned there are THREE SIMPLE PRINCIPLES needed to improve plant health and increase yields on nearly any type of soil in the world:
1) Increase soils' ability to store water and nutrients.
2) Make water and nutrients available to plants when they need them.
3) Take care of the soil, and the soil will take care of the plants.



We use the best, local ingredients available to make our products. They are selected to provide benefits to your soil the season it is applied and to improve the soil for centuries to come. Stable sources of organic carbon, bio-stimulants, plant based macro-nutrients and mineral based micro-nutrients are carefully balanced to target what your soils (and plants!) need. 

LOCAL The majority of our ingredients are responsibly grown or mined in NORTH DAKOTA. Most are byproducts of local industries that are underutilized or would otherwise be wasted.

NON-GMO We do not use GMOs (Genetically-Modified Organisms) in any of our products.

ORGANIC PRODUCTION All of our ingredients meet the requirements for Certified Organic Production by NOP Rule 205.203 (c) (3). We will pursue certification by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as funding and customer-interest allow.

RECYCLED Our products and unique packaging have been developed to use recycled materials, and to be reused or recycled.

VEGAN In our continued commitment to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, most of our products do NOT contain any animal products. None contain byproducts of animal slaughter, such as feather meal, bone meal, and blood meal. 

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